Does Worship Matter?

12 08 2008

Okay… so you go to church on Sunday morning. What do you see and do there? My bet is that everyone who is reading this will give a different answer to that question. Some will experience a more “traditional” service – announcements, call to worship, hymns, scripture reading, sermon, offering, prayer, and maybe some “special music.” Others will have a more “contemporary” experience – perhaps a concert-style performance, maybe a play or a puppet show, something “interactive” that’s designed to get the people involved, a multi-media presentation in place of a traditional sermon.

What’s the difference anyway? Isn’t the important thing that we are sincere in seeking to give praise to God and that we leave the service feeling inspired and uplifted? Does God care what we do, just as long as we mean well? Is there a “right” way to draw near to God in worship?

These questions have become increasingly more important to me as I have studied the Scriptures and ministered among the people of God. I have become more and more convinced that God cares a great deal about what His people do when they come before His presence in worship. The testimony of the Bible is that God has always been jealous that His people approach Him in the right way. When they ignore God’s directions in the area of corporate worship, God’s people have invariably come under judgment. There is a good reason for this. Worship, as God designed it, is not about doing what WE think is emotionally uplifting or expressive of devotion. Worship, as God designed it, is a reflection of the Gospel which centers in the atoning work of Jesus Christ.

A few years ago, I preached an extended series of messages on the subject of worship. The purpose of the series was to walk the congregation through the Bible – from Genesis to Revelation – taking one book each week, and seeing what the consistent message of Scripture was on the worship of God. It was an eye-opening study, and many who heard it have encouraged me to get it into print so that it could be accessible to a wider audience.

By God’s grace, that has now been done! This series of studies is now available in a book entitled “Worship: From Genesis to Revelation.” It comes in paperback and hard cover editions. Click the link below to access the storefront where you can order your copy…

I hope that you will consider digging deeper into the important subject of worship. I believe that this is an area in which the Church stands in major need to reformation. God’s glory and the welfare of His flock is at stake. May the Lord bless you as you seek to bring your life and worship into conformity to His perfect will.




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