Recognizing God

28 08 2008

[Excerpt from Practical Sermons, by Ichabod Spencer]

“The state of those who are really irreligious is described in the Bible, by saying they are without God in the world.  Whatever else this description may mean, it certainly means that they are greatly unconscious of God’s particular dealings with them. This is their ordinary condition of mind. They are very slow to see God in any of his external providences. They can see nature as they call it but they cannot see God. At most they see him only acting on a general system, which they suppose has no special application or significance for them. God may do what he pleases to them in his providence; may send sickness or health, poverty or riches, trial or triumph; they are slow to believe he means any thing in particular by it. Just so in respect to any of their internal affections, of grief or joy, of hope or despair. They do not recognize God. They are as slow to recognize him within them as without them.”




One response

16 04 2009

I created a little blog about this man of God Ichabod Spencer.

He was a TRUE SHEPHERD of God’s People.

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