Have you blessed your pastor today?

10 09 2008

I’ve been so blessed by Christian rap artist Tedashii’s tribute to faithful pastors and teachers in This Song’s For You from his debut solo project Kingdom People


Nine years old, gettin’ dropped off at Sunday School,

Class-clownin’ with my boys, I jus’ wanna be cool,

See I grew up thinkin’ that church was for the preacher

Until I met brothers who wanted to reach us and teach us

How to study our Bibles to see what it means

And show Christianity isn’t just about what it brings

But sadly there are those who live opposite Scripture

Christians to the public who muddy up the picture

‘Cause for too long cats like Kells and Mace been the spokesmen

All the while the public see us as a joke, man

So this song’s for the true shepherds who prove selfless

Whose aim is to aid the true helpless

I mean brothers like Spurgeon and Piper,

Tom Nelson, John Edwards, brothers who make disciples

Those who because of Ezekiel 34

Shepherd the flocks as a true pastor of the Lord


Let’s hear it (1) for the pastors and preachers,

Those who were burdened to teach us just so they could reach us…”


Paul tells us that faithful pastors are the gift of Jesus to His Church. In Ephesians 4:11-12 he says, “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ…”


So here’s my question…


What have you done lately to bless your pastor for the sacrifice that he makes to bring you the most precious thing you could ever receive: the Word of God that renews and edifies your soul?


Being a pastor can be a thankless job (believe me, I speak from experience). Not that true pastors do it for worldly gratitude. They don’t. They are servants of Jesus and they seek their reward from Him. But it is also true that pastors are human beings, just like everyone else. And they get discouraged, just like everyone else. And their job is extremely difficult — more than anyone else because as the writer of Hebrews points out, “they keep watch over your souls as men who must give an account.” That’s a tall order, people! Your pastor carries the weight of your soul on his shoulders!


So here are a few ways that you can encourage your pastor today:


  1. Call him up and thank him for his ministry.
  2. Take notes during his sermons and be sure to tell him personally how particular points he made spoke to you and challenged you to grow in your walk.
  3. Stop by his office and offer to pray with him for God’s blessing on his work.
  4. Invite his family over for a meal and give them the royal treatment. Take time to tell them how much you value their sacrifice.
  5. Ask for his counsel when you have a problem.
  6. When you have an opportunity to pray at a prayer meeting, make a point to thank God publicly for giving you a faithful minister and blessing you through his work.
  7. Next time you hear someone bad-mouthing him or complaining about petty things, remind them that He is God’s gift to the church.
  8. Show up early for church and offer to pray with him for God to bless his message to the hearts of the flock.
  9. Next time there’s a congregational meeting and the budget is being discussed, make a motion to give the pastor a raise because the work that he does is worth more than anything the congregation could give him.


A faithful old Puritan pastor wrote, “Do you have a godly pastor? Confer with him. Go to him for comfort and counsel; profit from his company, sit under his ministry frequently; count him worthy of double honor. Never imagine that it is a small blessing to have a faithful minister. Thank God for giving this mercy to you, which He has denied to so many others.”




2 responses

22 09 2008
Phil Pockras

Doug, thanks so much for this, and for an edifying blog. It’s on my bookmark list. I appreciate this article, and I am so thankful that I have folks in my congregation that do a lot of these things.

13 10 2008

Hey Doug, thanks for the post. I work with Reach Records (Tedashii’s label) and we are trying to connect with bloggers more. Email me your name and mailing address and I’ll keep you updated on our projects (Tedashii has a new one coming in April) and also send you a free copy of our new releases.



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