Voddie Baucham is my hero!

11 09 2008

Check out this clip from CNN in which pastor Voddie Baucham is grilled on the question of the role of women in the church and society. He is even called a sexist by the “neutral” female anchor. But this faithful brother stands his ground and represents the truth as a good and faithful servant. Would that God might be pleased to raise up many more godly ministers like this!

Of course, you can bet that CNN did its research on Rev. Baucham before inviting him to represent the religious right on this segment. This is exactly the kind of thing the world will use to portray conservative Christians as backward and out of touch. We need to pray that God will honor those who uphold His Word without compromise and spare our nation from its headlong plunge into judgment.




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11 09 2008
Angela Wittman

Praise the LORD for Rev. Baucham. I appreciate his bold stand for the Word of God. His testimony on CNN is a breath of fresh air and I pray the LORD will use it mightily.

12 09 2008

Baucham was quick, which speaks well to his intelligence and believability, but he should have said more at the end about whether women are only keepers of the home. That is their primary God-given duty, yes, but can they do that and also work outside the home? Sure! If the McCain/Palin ticket wins, it’s because we’re voting for civil leaders and not church leaders. Palin is not disqualified in any sense because she’s a woman.

The sexist comment was unnecessary and I understand that Voddie wasn’t able to respond because of the nature of the comment in the conversation, but it would have been good too to emphasize the Bible’s distinction between gender roles and equality – different roles, but both men and women are made in God’s image and equal before him. Think of it biologically – only women have babies, men do not (so far!). Is that sexist? No, it’s the way God created us. Same in the church – God gives certain roles to men and certain roles to women. I cannot for my life see the logic in saying that just because a woman cannot preach that somehow she is being oppressed by a sexist patriarchal religious establishment. It’s not sexist, it’s simply gospel truth. But I wouldn’t expect a snide CNN reporter to make that distinction on her own (oops, was that a sexist comment?).

12 09 2008
Douglas K. Adu-Boahen

Baucham killed the argument before it could even start! He was articulate and calm yet at the same time, he was assertive and faithful to the Scripture, especially when faced with an evangelical’s two worst nightmare – a liberal and a news reporter (j/k, but that was interesting nonetheless).

13 09 2008
Lance Roberts

Voddie answers about women as magistrates on his blog here:


17 09 2008
The “Todd Factor” « Comin Sense

[…] label by a supposedly “neutral” news anchor when he recently defended those views in an interview on CNN. Yet, for the Christian, truth is not defined by popular culture, but by the Word of God which […]

18 09 2008
Benjamin P. Glaser

Is it wrong that I would gladly be “Backwards” and “Out of Touch”?

28 10 2008
Tom Fisher

Thanks for this, Doug! I’d be interested to see the promised follow-up “rematch” if it ever happens….

17 11 2008

I came across this blog in a google search and couldn’t help but leave my thoughts.

What most pained me this election and continues to keep me sour is not so much the victory of Barack Obama so much as it was the virtual butchery of Governor Sarah Palin AND her family!!! I truly believe this was not an Obama vs. McCain election–but an Obama vs. Palin election!

To be fair: the Republicans have been in power for 8 years, it seems only natural that the reins be handed to someone else. To be fair, Iraq didn’t go as planned. To be fair, the economy is in the toilet and however unfair it is that Bush (and not the Democrats who are actually responsible) gets the blame for the financial crisis–it’s only natural that people want a “change” at least for the eyes, regardless of whether they even like Obama or not.

I could see how many black and minority Americans, including minority Christians were eager to see help make this historic moment happen. (but has Martin Luther King’s “judge by character not by skin color” DREAM become a reverse racist nightmare?)

For so many people though, it was neither about the economy nor race. For the media and the elites especially, it was about culture. It was about abandoning the most basic and precious cultural values that have TRULY allowed our nation to rise to greatness: FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM.

The mistreatment and disrespect of the Palins (who I believe typify the above ideals) came from so many places–the media, but not the least of which was the CHURCH ITSELF! So many self-proclaimed godly people were ready in full force to judge and tear this woman into pieces like wolves instead of understanding the implications her leadership and mere presence in the public eye could bring!

As the church struggles to promote a culture of LIFE in our culture of DEATH, I was surprised by how many Christians were completely ignorant of the power of Palin’s candidacy. Was it all by chance that her newborn baby has Down’s Syndrome, that her teenage daughter is gracefully carrying her unplanned pregnancy to term?

As the church struggles to promote family values in a culture of FATHERLESS-ness, was it by chance that Todd Palin exemplified Christ-like humility and love for his children and wife? That being a real “man” does not merely rest on being a financial provider or business leader, but a real “man” is perfectly comfortable helping around with household duties as well? And even cradling a child in his arms?

As the church struggles to raise up young men of courage in our entitlement culture, is it by chance that her son Track had already enlisted to be deployed to Iraq and serve his nation?

As the church struggles to save marriage when every state is seeking to redefine it and some already have, is it by chance that Sarah and Todd were high school sweethearts and still very much devoted to each other?

I also found it hypocritical that a nation that claims to be sooo concerned over environmental issues was ready to demean and degrade not just the leader of the state, but the state of Alaska itself. It’s too “rural” therefore must be too easy to lead. Have these so called environmentalists ever been out of the city? Do they know that Alaska is filled with some of the most awesome natural wonders on earth, amazing wildlife, a diverse population where Native Americans are not just shoved off into reservations but maintain their cultures out in the open? OH and the RESOURCES! Yeah that!

Didn’t it feel odd for some judgmental Christians that their distaste for Palin was shared by Hollywood actors, ivory tower Marxists, and the mainstream media? (Sure, maybe their distaste stems from different reasons, but in this day and age, I believe as a general rule of thumb, whatever the world hates—must be good and whatever the world loves is usually bad.)

Sarah Palin is not stupid. Record and experience wise, she was FAR MORE qualified than Obama. She’s even had more executive experience than John McCain! Unlike the 3rd Party candidates, Palin has put her conservatism into ACTION and has a resume of accomplishment to show for it. Everybody knew it, and that’s why the media had to draw people’s attentions elsewhere.

She is someone that frequently invokes her Christian faith as her guiding compass. Before she saw the need for righteous leaders in her hometown and state (the MEN were obviously FAILING) she was a HOMEMAKER—a hockey mom. She represents femininity and motherhood in this age of feminazism –including the godly stay-at-home moms in a way no leader has.

Call me emotional and crazy, but I truly believe the real loser of this election was the American mom. (Not to mention millions of unborn children and American citizens with special needs.)

*sigh* those are my sentiments… Anyhow, my prayers are with this nation and our new leader.

17 11 2008

Lastly, I feel that Voddie loses at his own argument.

THe fact that even polygamists had their time and place in history to be raised up as kings show that even women can be called to roles as well. ANd I think it’s ridiculous for people to attempt to equate Sarah Palin with the idea of a polygamist being in power.

Not EVERY woman is called to be a Sarah Palin. Not EVERY woman is even going to be married! We are each called by name to serve. We are called as individuals.

So was every Queen in historic Christendom stepping out of bounds as well?!

I feel that many people in the church unecessarily and pridefully attacked and judged a fellow sister in Christ under the guise of looking out for her own spiritual interest.

People were also quick to judge the situation of her daughter’s pregnancy as a result of failed parenting, when really any child can make a mistake no matter how great the parents are and how the whole situation was handled from then afterward I think showed the TRUE character of the parents.

Why don’t people look at the Palin family as a whole–yes the 5 children family in a culture that thinks only 2 shoudl be had? Looking at the way 7 year old Piper so comfortable cradled Trig in her arms , she seemed readier to care for a baby than some 40 year olds! That’s the beauty of BIG families, responsibilities get shared, there is interdependence on each other to fulfill household duties, children grow up to be more outgoing and generous instead of selfish and entitled like many only children are.

Eveyrone was up in arms about “who was going to care for” teenager Bristol’s baby? Well she seemed so perfectly at ease caring for her baby brother Trig that rumors were even started that Trig wasn’t the governor’s baby but Bristol’s. I have a feeling her and her boyfriend will do just fine caring for their new child. Bristol has obviously had plenty of practice with her younger siblings.

What would be so odd about Governor Palin serving in office while the family shares the responsibilites of the household and the father continues to lead and guide the home? HOw would she be any less of a mother?

I’m sorry, I’m still very sour over this.

17 11 2008

It seems that the church has a few divisions. On one extreme end it’s the “political Christians” who have Republicanized the Gospel and on the other end are people akin to PHarisees who often allow legalist extremism to trump the basic Gospel.

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