What are you talking about?

11 09 2008

“Is it possible that any man should love another and not commend him, nor speak of him? If thou hast but a hawk or a hound that thou lovest, thou wilt commend it; and is it consistent with love to Christ, to seldom or never speak of Him nor of His love, never to commend Him unto others, that they may fall in love with Him also? Is it consistent with this life of love, to be always speaking about worldly affairs, or news at the best; both week-day and Sabbath-day, in good company and bad, at home and abroad? I tell you, it should be one main reason why you desire to live, that you may make the Lord Jesus known to your children, friends, acquaintances, that so in the ages to come His name might ring, and His memorial might be of sweet aroma, from generation to generation. If before thy conversion thou hast poisoned others by vain and corrupt speeches, after thy conversion thou wilt seek to season the hearts of others by a gracious, sweet and wise communication of savoury and blessed speeches; what the Lord hath taught thee thou wilt talk of it to others, for the sake of Him whom thou lovest.” –Thomas Sheppard


How many words do you speak or write in a day? It would be mind boggling to count them. Christian rapper shai linne said, “Every rapper is a preacher the only question is, What’s your sermon about?” It’s true not only of emcees but of all of us every day. How much do we talk about Christ compared to how much we talk about worldly junk and nonsense? The words I speak are an overflow of my heart. What spills out of my lips is evidence of what I love and cherish. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”


Listen to yourself today. What is the subject of your speech. What are you promoting? Is it the new movie you just saw? Is it that hot new song your friend hipped you to? Is it the latest plot twists of your favorite TV show? Or is it that Scripture the Lord just laid on your heart with fresh understanding? Or the sermon you heard last Sunday that really spoke to your conscience? Or the challenges you’re facing in seeking to share Christ with someone who’s lost but listening? Or the beauty of Christ and His grace that you have been discovering lately in your prayer life?


Every life and conversation is a sermon. The only question is “What are you preaching about?”




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