Taking Our Medicine

11 02 2009

stimI ran across another fantastic piece on Voddie Baucham’s blog site. It’s not bound to be popular reading, because it deals with the cold, hard truth of the economic times we’re facing as a nation. But our problem runs far deeper than economics – ours is a spiritual crisis. We are a people who have become bent upon pursuing self-interest, comfort, pleasure and ease at the expense of godliness, wisdom, charity and accountability. The hallmark of our age is wreckless irresponsibility coupled with an absolute denial that our actions have consequences.

Yet, consequences, while they may be pushed back for a time, will inevitably come. God is not mocked. There ultimately comes a point where our efforts to deflect or postpone the consequences of our actions only exacerbate them and intensify our problems. Sometimes, the best and only thing that you can do is submit to the consequences of your actions, humble yourself, hold your nose, and take your medicine.

This is the backdrop for Voddie’s piece highlighting the sound wisdom of economic advisor Peter Schiff, who’s predictions about market trends in 2006 and 2007 won him the ridicule of his peers, but who is suddenly sounding very prophetic. Mr. Schiff speaks to the proposed “stimulus package” as a “depressant,” which it surely will be if our nation and its leaders continue to press on in the false hope that ignoring the consequences of our wreckless and selfish behavior, and wishing it away with more wreckless and selfish behavior, is the answer to the crisis we face.

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