The Whole Bible… in a Nutshell

4 05 2009

[Excerpted from The Art of Prophesying, by William Perkins]

perkins01The sum and substance of the message of the Bible can be summarized in an argument (or syllogism) such as this:

Major Premise:  The true Messiah shall be both God and man, from the seed of David. He shall be born of his heavenly Father’s bosom. He shall satisfy the law. He shall offer himself as a sacrifice for the sins of the faithful. He shall conquer death by dying and rising again. He shall ascend into heaven. In due time he shall return for judgment.

Minor Premise: Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Mary, meets all of these requirements.

Conclusion: Therefore Jesus is the true Messiah.

In this syllogism the major premise is the scope or principal burden of the writings of all the prophets. The minor premise is contained in the writings of the evangelists and apostles.




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5 05 2009
Andrew Myers


27 03 2010
C.J. Williams

Sweet quote, Doug. I always enjoy Perkins, especially The Art of Prophesying. Hey, check me out at the link below. Not much material yet but I’ll get there. Your suggestions would be great!

20 05 2010
Tim Prussic

The Puritans are sweet, and Perkins the great and early popularizer of them is especially so. Nice lookin’ blog, brother!

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