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I am an ordained minister of the Gospel in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, currently working in the insurance industry. I’m a husband to Amy and father to Ben and Sam. Originally from Western Pennsylvania, I’ve pastored churches in PA, IA, and NC. Published books include Worship from Genesis to Revelation, Returning to the Family Altar, and Family Worship Helps.

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4 01 2009

One question for you — what are your academic credentials for being a minister? Where did you go to graduate school to get your master’s or Ph.D. in theology?

5 01 2009

Hi Steve. I got my B.A. in Pre-ministerial studies at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA and my M.Div. from the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA.

14 07 2009
Ron Parrish


May we have permission to reprint your tract on Pastoral Advice on Decorum in Public Worship with the proper attribution? It is the best thing that I have read on the subject. Thank you for your ministry. Ron Parrish, Associate Pastor

21 07 2009

Hi Ron! By all means, please use the tract in any way that you see fit. I am glad that you found it helpful. Blessings to you in your ministry as well!


1 12 2010
David J. Ladwig


Greetings from Rochester, NY.I have just finished reading “What Fellowship Hath Christ With Belial?” and though I have yet more to ponder it, I believe you have put into words something the Holy Spirit has been working in my for a time. Thank you for that.

On another note, if you would please email me, I have a question relative to your preaching availability; do you entertain invitations for pulpit supply.

A fellow servant to the King,

27 01 2011
Tyler Reed

I read “What Fellowship hath Christ with Belial” the first winter I was a believer and just wanted to say thank you for that message to rescue me from that holiday! I’ve read the sermon a few times since, and it seems to be the greatest arguement I have ever heard apart from arguements for the Gospel. Thank you for that message.

26 02 2011

Thank you, Tyler, for the gracious comments. Glad you found the sermon helpful.

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