My Family

Just a page to introduce you to my family.

This is my lovely wife of 22 years, Amy. She is a part-time Optician and a full-time Home School Mom. She has taught our oldest since first grade, and he is now heading off to college with a full scholarship! Amy rocks!



This is my oldest son, Ben. He loves music and plays electric guitar. He is also my hacky sack buddy. Ben will be a freshman this year at Berea College in Kentucky. We just learned today that, in addition to his Berea scholarship, he has been awarded a scholarship from Reader’s Digest! Yay Ben! Ben has a blog of his own, which you can view by clicking here.



This is our youngest, Sam. He is full of energy and keeps us laughing all day long. He loves to ride his bike, play at the park with his friends, and torment his older brother. Sam is six years old and will be starting school with his mother this year.




This is Nikki. She’s our 11 year old pure bred Shih Tzu. Nikki loves cheese and taking walks with Amy. She also loves to curl up on the couch and sleep. She is a wonderful dog, and a natural stress reliever. She was born in Iowa and raised in North Carolina, but she’s a Pittsburgh dog at heart. Her favorite past time is barking out the front window at the Catholics assembling for mass. Good reformed puppy!




3 responses

13 11 2008

Great to see these pics. Love to all. Congrats to Ben.


4 12 2008
Joshua Schmeling

You’ve got a great son. He’s one of my best employees. Congrats

6 12 2008

Thanks Josh! He speaks very highly of you as well!

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