What is real?

9 12 2008

Here’s a great quote from Puritan preacher Thomas Watson:t_watson

“When a Christian loses those comforts he cannot keep, he keeps those treasures which he cannot lose… He who has spiritual things inherits substance. If you speak of true wisdom, it is to know God; if of true honor, it is to be born of God; if of true beauty, it is to have the image of God; if of true riches, it is to be rich in faith; if of true victory, it is to overcome the world; if of true delight, it is to have joy in the Holy Ghost; if of true happiness, it is to see God. Here is substance. This is that which will fill the soul eternally with wonder and delight…

The earth is the basest element; men tread upon it, yet they make that their god which they tread upon every day. Alas, how poor are these earthly things that men so throw away their hearts on! What are silks but the excrements of worms? What is a pearl but the disease of the fish? What is gold but the dregs of the earth? These things a man may have and go to hell. A pack horse carries gold and silver all day, and at night lies in the stable with a lame back. So a man may be laden with worldly riches and, afterwards, lie down in hell with a lame conscience.”




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